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been a while but..

It’s amazing how heartless some people can be. Maybe its how they justify things, maybe its pure evil I don’t know for certain but what I do know is; I have a habit of failing to listen to my gut. Without going on a major rant I have to say this particular girl was/is an awful human being. Defunct of any human emotion other than self preservation. How does one become sooo cold? So…lack of human decency. Its disgusting. How do you lie to someone, someone, straight to their face for almost a year? I suppose I’m too optimistic. Which is surprising coming from me to say the least. Or, maybe people really are THAT shitty. I can now say from personal experience, despite how much I resented this statement it rings true: You can’t make a hoe a housewife.
Damn, quality females are hard to find.

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